Manufacturing software development from experts in Computer Science Capable and accepted by the institutions entrusted by the government organization and institutions of the 20 years both in and abroad guarantee certificate of the project to raise the standard TQS set is equivalent to CMMI Level 2 standard software internationally.

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e-Learning Server


LMS / LCMS The Online learning management system.
Is a software that is designed to be easy to use. And development to suit the instruction, which has been verified by CALCUTTA TIMES THE TIME, OF INDIA. “Their online training is. Easier to learn than the other websites. “

Education Sphere

e-Testing Server


E-Testing examination system and 24 hours exam room.
Is a software for online 24 hours examination center. That can make the exam for standard data storage system test and safely. Systematic sampling and test analysis with international standards.

Education Sphere



A developement tool for lessons
Is a software that is designed to be suitable for creating instructional media. In the form of online learning. It also can produce electronic lesson as well, known as the “One stop development content online”, which consist of Content Creation an electronic lesson (e-Content) design tools. can use multimedia including illustrations, sound. Text animation and Content Management is a tool in the course content includes the knowledge more. (Attach Document) and the knowledge sources on the Internet (URL Link) into the lessons.



To help product, efficient and effective, the company can provide service in terms of providing advice the use of the product. To resolve the problem with the following ways, Online Service, e-Learning Clinic, Onsite Service, including training knowledge about the use of the product. In order to ensure that users receive the services continued from the company.

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