Establishment and Mission

SUM System was officially established on 28th May, 1998, with a mission to create and develop international quality Thai educational media. We work with the best Thai and foreign academics, drawing on their expertise and providing platforms for their work to find practical applications in the educational marketplace. Our products and services are endorsed and recognised by leading Thai and international universities and we have successful ongoing collaboration with various practitioners from the commercial sector.

1. Publishing Educational Media

Our main business in this area is producing high quality Thai educational textbooks, written by Thai academics for the Thai educational context. There are three major fields for which we provide resources:
Our Practical Visual Basic Programming textbooks are used in computer staff development programs at Kasetsart University, Naresuan University, Walailak University, and Mahasarakham University.

2. Designing Educational Programmes

We offer in-house and public training programmes, and we work with clients to design customised educational solutions for their specific needs. Many programmes feature modular design, so clients can select specific content for their training needs. We also specialise in assessment packages and programme evaluation. Through collaborative programme and textbook design projects with various public and private clients, we have gained the trust and recognition of a growing number of well-respected institutions.

3. Producing Electronic Media

In addition to designing web-based training programs we develop and produce e-books, CD/DVD-ROMs, e-learning content creation software, and Flash and HTML5-based educational applications for web-based learning. We also offer a consultancy service to provide support and advice to clients developing and formatting their own e-learning solutions.

4. Developing Online Teaching Administration Software

Since 1999, we have been developing an integrated e-learning software solution call Education Sphere. Its primary goal is to facilitate improved teaching and learning in school, universities and other organizations with staff training needs. The software comprises of a Learning Management System (LMS), a Content Management System (CMS), and a Testing System. The software runs on multiple platforms and complies with IMS standards, allowing for efficient, effective and flexible educational solutions.