English is the language of the new generation. The globalized world has arrived, and it speaks English. For young people today, good English skills are the gateway for career opportunities abroad or at home, to a wealth of knowledge and to making friends around the world.

To achieve a real mastery of English requires a good foundation. Many learners acquire misconceptions about English at a very early age, particularly about English pronunciation, developing bad habits which will stay with them all their lives. Errors can come from being unable to pronounce the sounds of English, from misunderstanding the irregular and confusing English spelling system, and from teachers who themselves have difficulty speaking the language accurately and with confidence, At SUM System, we decided to develop a program which would really prepare them to succeed in the new generation. The result is the “D’EngClub”.

Phonics & Linguistic Curriculum Phonetics


We use phonetic symbols from the IPA (International Phonetic Alphabet) to help children understand the sound system of English, and to see sounds as they really are.


We use phonics training to show patterns and rules which facilitate reading and writing. Each level of the programme comes with boxes of flashcards and IAA (Instructor Assistant Application) sets to practice sound-letter combinations and the important skill of blending to produce whole words. The phonics method also helps to improve writing skill.

It is the synergy of combining phonics with phonetics which sets the D’Eng Club method apart from, and ahead of, the competition. But don’t worry if this sounds very academic. From the child’s point of view it is just a lot of fun, as they enjoy stories, games, competitions and songs in each class.

The Friendly Land Classroom


“Friendly Land” classrooms are purpose designed for a safe and fun learning environment. Rounded child-sized tables and chairs furnish the colourful rooms, which can easily be moved when activities require that. Foam letters decorate the floor and are used in learning games. The popular characters from the books decorate the walls.

Teaching Materials and Equipment


The resource kit consists of classroom workbooks, activity sheet packs, teacher’s manuals, flashcard sets, posters, and a large range of various classroom props, including plastic toy sets of fruits and animals, and engaging games such as miniature golf. The books are colourful, and feature stories with the four Friendly Land characters with carefully structured phonics activities. There is also computer-based media, with songs, games, and animated cartoons of the Friendly Land stories. This extensive range of resources allows teachers to keep classes fun and stimulating, all of which promotes successful learning.

The D’Eng Cyber Club


This is the online area to which children can log into from home, to play games, watch songs and animations, and exchange information in forums. This is one way we can increase the frequency of the children’s English practice, which contributes to their learning progress.

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